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  • 5.00

    BY: jestina whitaker

    DATE: Mar 27, 2016

    Noble Short Sleeves Traditional Wedding Dress with High ...

    I loved that it was classy and sexy

    Wow! I love traditional wedding dresses! The dress I received is amazing!! It is absolutely perfect! I've never purchased anything in online companys before as far as dresses are concerened, so I was really worried. But after the dress arrived I can see that it fits me perfectly and looks really beautiful on me. It looks like the dresses that I saw in designer companys.
    I will really like to thank you guys personally that you thought about the girls who are not super thin it is unbelievable that all my local companys think that women in my sizes do not exist. You guys are awesome.
  • 5.00

    BY: Velma

    DATE: Mar 11, 2016

    Simple Sleeveless Mermaid Bateau Dress With Bow

    Great dress for a cheap price

    These traditional wedding dresses look really awesome!!! The dress I chose is perfect and it fits me like a second skin. I really love the dress. The dress looks exactly like the picture! I was really surprised that it had a built in bra made inside the dress to help hold my breasts up. I am a really satisfied customer. I was really worried about finding a perfect wedding dress and now I got that. All my worries are gone. This company has wedding dresses for all kind of budgets. I am really glad that I found this company. I will recommend this company to my other friends.
  • 5.00

    BY: nirup

    DATE: Feb 27, 2016

    Glamorous V-Neck Empire Chiffon Dress with Beaded Lace ...

    Cute dress

    I received my dress today, the dress looks great. The dress was delivered very well packaged and I had a great experience with the custom service. Now the most important is, the dress is amazing, gorgeous, it looks exactly the same as in the picture here.
  • 5.00

    BY: "Joann Grosso"

    DATE: Feb 26, 2016

    Tulle Sleeveless Dress With Illusion Back And Appliques

    Happy with dress-

    A wonderful dress and a great customer service , you definitely cannot expect anything more from a online company who is providing you a wedding dress at such a cheap price. I am impressed and you guys are truly beyond amazing.
  • 5.00

    BY: Anita Bey

    DATE: Feb 26, 2016

    Noble Embroidered Strapless Floor-Length Satin Traditional ...

    I love the dress very sexy yet elegant I love the ...

    Wow! I just got my wedding dress and it looks really beautiful. It is really very well made and is more beautiful in person than what you are seeing in the picture here. I can't wait to wear the dress for my wedding day and show of my new slim figure in front all my family and friends. I want my future husband to be surprised by new figure, worked really hard for it girls, okay enough about me. Now something about the dress, it is made with very good fabric and I am feeling really comfortable wearing the dress.
  • 5.00

    BY: Dott Leith

    DATE: Feb 25, 2016

    Enchanting Sleeveless Illusion Style Tulle Mermaid Wedding ...

    Very pretty and sexy, figure flattering

    OMG! This wedding dress is amazing. It looks really elegant. It is just perfect. The length is just right for me and on the front it looks AMAMZING, the back of the dress is also gorgeous. The dress was not very expensive, but I feel like a princess wearing this Dress.
    I am glad I made a wise decision by ordering a dress from this website. The dress is not overpriced like the local shop dresses, and it is million times more beautiful than those dresses. The fabric is top material .
    thank you very much guys ,you guys are the best.
  • 5.00

    BY: Rosie Maldonado

    DATE: Feb 25, 2016

    Elegant V-Neck Half-Sleeve Illusion Back Dress with Lace ...


    This is my favorite companys when it comes to dresses. I ordered my homecoming dress from here, so I was sure that I will also find a great looking prom dress here. I was not wrong, this dress is amazing.
  • 5.00

    BY: Magdelene Daniel

    DATE: Feb 25, 2016

    Elegant Half-Elbow-Sleeve Lace A-Line Embellished Gown With ...

    Awesome dress, fit perfect

    I have received my wedding gown and my daughter
  • 5.00

    BY: R. Soto

    DATE: Feb 24, 2016

    V-neck and Deep V Back Lace Trumpet Wedding Dress

    flattering fit, perfect material, love it!

    The dress is as beautiful as you see in the picture here; it is really great in quality. I ordered it and I used the custom sizing option they give here as I was not sure that the standard size will fit me. The technique worked for me as my wedding dress fits me like second skin.
    I am really happy my waist looks thin in this dress. The fabric looks perfect for a wedding dress. I have absolutely no complains about the dress. It is a really great online company which gives you great satisfaction with quality and price.
  • 5.00

    BY: Felino

    DATE: Feb 22, 2016

    Impressive Sweetheart Ruching Mermaid Backless Traditional ...

    Elegant and classy!

    This is an absolutely gorgeous Wedding Dress. I ordered it in this color and I cannot be happier with the dress. The only thing is that it is little longer on me, I needed to order the dress with my custom measurement. But it's okay and still looks like an amazing dress! I cannot write enough about the amazing service they offered me, all my emails were replied within couple of hours and I got the dress exactly on the same day as the website promised mw.
    .I really love when this happens, thank you very much for a satisfied service.
  • 5.00

    BY: ashlee

    DATE: Feb 21, 2016

    Flipped Sleeveless Tiered Sweetheart Haltered Dress With ...


    This dress is absolutely gorgeous! I can
  • 5.00

    BY: Megan Steele

    DATE: Feb 19, 2016

    Enchanting Sweetheart Sleeveless Sleeveless Dress With ...

    Five Stars

    I am really happy with what I am seeing in front of me. This dress is really beautiful. The stitching quality is really great. I am also impressed by the way they delivered the dress, it was not only come on the day they promised it will be but it is also really nicely packaged. This is really the wedding dress I was dreamed about wearing my whole life. The price of the dress I found reasonable, not cheap but not over priced either, perfectly fitted on my budget. That is all I have to say today here.
  • 5.00

    BY: vedins

    DATE: Feb 17, 2016

    Amazing A-Line High-Neck Lace 3-4-Length-Sleeve Dress With ...

    The right dress for my niece wedding

    I got my dress and it looks more prettier in person than in picture here, I absolutely love the color, it
  • 5.00

    BY: Paula

    DATE: Feb 16, 2016

    3/4Length Sleeve Scoop Sweep Train Dress with Lace Appliqued ...

    Love it!!!

    OMG! This dress is fantastic. I cannot believe how perfect the dress looks I person. I needed a dress really cheap for my wedding day; my wedding budget was really low. I was pretty sure that I had to compromise on the look of the dress. But thankfully I found this company and this dress is absolutely AMAMZING, I have no complains about the dress. I would really want to find how you can give a beautiful dress like this in low price like that.
    I am really impressed , please if your budget is low come to this website for your bridal gown.
  • 5.00

    BY: mayra villarreal

    DATE: Feb 15, 2016

    Illusion Neckline Lace Appliqued Tea-length Wedding Dress ...

    It is perfect!

    This dress is the cutest wedding dress I have ever seen, my daughter is going to be a really young bride, so I wanted a dress that will be perfect for her age. I am totally convinced now that ordering my daughter's wedding dress from here was one of the best decisions of my life.

Traditional Wedding Dresses

A traditional wedding dress is one of the most gorgeous pieces of clothing you can have. It speaks of majesty, of dignity, and of beauty. And, of course, it is instantly recognizable by its profile. No one can ever mistake traditional wedding dresses for something else. And as you walk down the aisle, it does all the right things. It enfolds you into its many layers of perfectly-sewn fabric, giving you a warm shell of comfort during what can be a very scary moment of your life! And, of course, it gives you a boost in your confidence. Knowing that you look good during your wedding is extremely important. You certainly don’t want to walk down the aisle worried that the dress you chose is the wrong color, or even just the wrong dress altogether. That would mar your happy day with a whole lot of worry you don’t need.

That’s why our traditional wedding dresses are so immaculately created. We pull out all the stops to give you the perfect dress. We can give you a wedding dress that makes you feel sexy, if that’s what builds your confidence. If sexy and seductive at your wedding is not so much your thing, we can create a more glamorous look, using floor-length skirts. And, of course, there are always lace sleeves, which can make you feel powerful and regal. We can provide you with numerous styles, options, and sizes. We go from size zero to plus size; we have both sheath and empire waists, and everything in-between; and we provide everything from long sleeves to off-shoulder dresses. In short, we are the crafters of perfect wedding dresses. We want to be there with you on your special day, keeping you safe, keeping you confident, and most of all, celebrating this joyous moment with you