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  • 5.00

    BY: Charisse Sonnier

    DATE: Mar 20, 2016

    Exquisite Pick-Up Jeweled Embellished Dress With Buckle

    I am too happy

    WOW! I received my beautiful princess wedding dress today. This is the first time I have ordered a dress from this website. I am so happy that I read other positive reviews and decided to order a dress from this company, the wedding dress is awesome. I also really appreciate the low price of the dress. It fitted my wedding budget beautifully. The dress is a work of art, made with high quality fabrics and expert craftsmanship. I feel really pretty wearing the dress. I really like this feature of asking for custom measurement before ordering the dress; I do not need to alter the dress now, as the dress is perfect fit on me. This is the best company to shop for wedding dresses.
  • 5.00

    BY: alejandra

    DATE: Mar 27, 2016

    Impressive Strapless Lace Ball Gown With Belt

    Excellent quality

    My princess wedding dress arrived today. I am now trying on the dress, I was worried about the waist size as my waist is little wider than the standard six size women. I did not know that you take order of dresses using waist measurement, but thankfully before ordering the dress I saw that option and the dress I can see is perfect fit. It would br weird if my wedding dress was not in perfect size, it would have been very uncomfortable.
    Thank you for creating a custom size option on your website. It is great for women like me.
  • 5.00

    BY: C. Trowbridge

    DATE: Feb 29, 2016

    Charming Ruffled Intricate Strapless Ball Gown With Crystal ...

    Great experience

    The dress looks so amazing; I am totally going to order this dress. My wedding is getting close and I was looking for a perfect wedding dress. I found this company online and loved their wedding gown collection. But the best part is that the dresses here are totally within my budget. I felt really happy about that. I ordered this dress because it looks perfect on my body, I also decided to use my custom measurements rather than the sizes the company is offering, it is my wedding day after all, and I wanted everything to be perfect. From the looks of this dress I think my special day will totally be perfect. Thank you people I cannot wait to receive the dress now.
  • 5.00

    BY: Vaiva Gelazauskaite

    DATE: Feb 28, 2016

    Elegant Femme Sleeveless V-neck Lace Applique Standard & ...

    Freaking Awesome

    This dress totally looks even more beautiful in person, very impressed with the way the company tailored the entire gown and gave the dress an amazing finish, I do not need to send the dress for altering which is going to save both time and money for me.
  • 5.00

    BY: nathan farler

    DATE: Feb 26, 2016

    Romantic Sweetheart Criss Cross A-Line Sleeveless Dress with ...

    Beautiful dress

    I think this company deserves all the credit for making this dress in my size. My prom day was really memorable thanks to this dress. I wore the same style dress that my skinny friends did. That
  • 5.00

    BY: Liletia H. Larue

    DATE: Feb 25, 2016

    Glam A-Line Satin Ruffled Sleeveless Dress With Peplum

    Good collections

    When I saw the dress I knew it was for me and I wanted to order it for my wedding. I was only worried about one thing and that is what if the dress does not look the same as it is in the picture.
    The dress arrived today and I am happy to inform that the dress looks exactly the same as in the picture. I was really careful about the size, so I gave the accurate measurement. I was also worried as I have a bigger bust line, but the dress came with its own bra, which is a relief as I do not need to look for a seamless bra now. Thank you everyone.
  • 5.00

    BY: Rosie Maldonado

    DATE: Feb 25, 2016

    Elegant V-Neck Half-Sleeve Illusion Back Dress with Lace ...


    This is my favorite companys when it comes to dresses. I ordered my homecoming dress from here, so I was sure that I will also find a great looking prom dress here. I was not wrong, this dress is amazing.
  • 5.00

    BY: sharon williams

    DATE: Feb 24, 2016

    Stunning Square-Neck A-Line Tulle A-Line Ball Gown With ...

    Very good

    This is a really amazing dress. The dress is made with great quality fabric and I cannot wait to wear the dress on my wedding day. I love the price of the dress it was right on my budget; I always wanted to wear a dress like this for my wedding day. My mother also loved the dress very much. I am so happy with my bridal gown that I have decided to order all my bridesmaids dresses from this company too. Thank you very much for your great service. You guys are the best when it comes to taking the accurate measurements. I look amazing wearing this dress, it is perfect for someone like me .I will have a very special day.
  • 5.00

    BY: Pablo

    DATE: Feb 24, 2016

    Classic Royal Embroidered Layered Lace on Tulle Standard & ...

    Gorgeous and great quality

    I got married in New York and I have received tons of compliments about my wedding dress on my wedding day, which bride will not appreciate this, I was no different. I would really like to thank the company for using my custom measurements right to make the dress.
  • 5.00

    BY: Virgoddess

    DATE: Feb 24, 2016

    Romantic Spaghetti-strapped Sweetheart Layered Taffeta and ...

    I love love love it

    The people here are really sweet; they kept me informed about when the dress is going to come and every other detail. I really had an amazing time shopping from this company. the reason I choose this dress is because it looks very girly and I love girly style.
  • 5.00

    BY: yesenia

    DATE: Feb 23, 2016

    Sultry Beaded Lace Applique Strapless Red Wedding Dress with ...

    loved the dress

    OMG!My dress is so beautiful. I had made the dress with my custom measurements but was still worried about the fitting s I have not tried the dress like I do when I purchase something from the company. I am so surprised that this dress looks like it was made just for me. I never looks this beautiful wearing any dress. It is the definition of perfection. The fabric is really high quality and feels really soft, I think my wedding dress is more beautiful than any other wedding dress I have ever seen in my life before, thank you.
  • 5.00

    BY: Danni Johnson

    DATE: Feb 23, 2016

    Fabulous Sleeveless Zipper Organza Dress with Embroideries ...

    Excellent site

    First time review about a purchase. Do not worry it
  • 5.00

    BY: samiha

    DATE: Feb 23, 2016

    Romantic Sweetheart Floral Lace Applique and English Net ...

    Exceeded my expectations

    Here comes the bride! To review her beautiful wedding dress, you guys cannot even imagine how perfect my wedding day was I was receiving compliments left and right.
    Wow! What a day, and what a wonderful dress this is, I felt like a queen wearing this beautiful and perfect dress.
  • 5.00

    BY: ashlee

    DATE: Feb 21, 2016

    Flipped Sleeveless Tiered Sweetheart Haltered Dress With ...


    This dress is absolutely gorgeous! I can
  • 5.00

    BY: Megan Steele

    DATE: Feb 19, 2016

    Enchanting Sweetheart Sleeveless Sleeveless Dress With ...

    Five Stars

    I am really happy with what I am seeing in front of me. This dress is really beautiful. The stitching quality is really great. I am also impressed by the way they delivered the dress, it was not only come on the day they promised it will be but it is also really nicely packaged. This is really the wedding dress I was dreamed about wearing my whole life. The price of the dress I found reasonable, not cheap but not over priced either, perfectly fitted on my budget. That is all I have to say today here.

Princess Wedding Dress

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