Gold Cocktail Dress (22)

Gold Cocktail Dress Reviews 5.0 (13)

  • 5.00

    BY: Kristina Coronado

    DATE: Mar 17, 2016

    Beautiful Short Sleeveless Dress with Scoop Neck and ...

    Perfect fun

    This beautiful gold cocktail dress is delivered to me now. I am wearing the dress. I just called my tailor saying that I do not need to alter the dress any way. I have got the right fit this time.
  • 5.00

    BY: audacious

    DATE: Mar 12, 2016

    Graceful Mini Leopard A-Line Sweetheart Sleeveless Dress ...

    A lovely dress

    This gold cocktail dress is awesome and the delivery time is perfect. I am really happy with the service I got from this company. The dress is made of really great fabric and I got the perfect fit I always wanted in a dress.
  • 5.00

    BY: Shirl

    DATE: Mar 01, 2016

    Captivating Pencil Sheath Sequined Short Sweetheart ...

    Awesome dress

    OMG! This is a really glamorous dress. I wanted to look like a celebrity for my prom night. This dress is going to do that job for me. Thank you.
  • 5.00

    BY: Irma Bonillas

    DATE: Mar 01, 2016

    Shining A-Line Short Sequined Ruched Gown With Ruched Waist

    Nice fit

    The dress is totally worth the money. I am really happy with the purchase. My daughter got a perfect fit thanks for asking for her custom sizes. I do not need to alter the dress for her. That
  • 5.00

    BY: Cara

    DATE: Mar 01, 2016

    Shining Short-Length Leopard Side-Draped One-Shoulder ...


    I wanted a special dress for my daughter
  • 5.00

    BY: Vanesa

    DATE: Feb 18, 2016

    Ethereal Mini One-Shoulder Satin Dress With Beading And ...

    this dress is absolutely beautiful!

    A well fitted dress can change the entire look. I am realizing that now more than ever. I am wearing this dress with my custom measurements and I think the dress created curves for me. I am not looking so thin as I normally do.
  • 5.00

    BY: kim taylor

    DATE: Feb 15, 2016

    "Stunning Halter Neck


    OMG! The dress you are seeing in the picture is the dress I am wearing now currently. The prom is still two weeks away, I cannot wait to how my friends this dress. I do not want to take the dress off.
  • 5.00

    BY: Gloria D.

    DATE: Feb 14, 2016

    Wonderful Beaded Plunged Midi Dress With Ruched Waist

    Perfect fit

    As usual I was also late in ordering my prom dress. Everyone is like you will miss the prom no dress comes in less than one month, they are so wrong this company delivered my dress in less than a month.
  • 5.00

    BY: Maxine112

    DATE: Feb 12, 2016

    Glamorous Short Knee-Length A-Line Haltered Pleated Gown ...

    Fits Great, Very Figure Complementary

    I am happy right now. I wore this dress to my first prom and got lots of compliment about both my dress and my looks. That is just amazing. I felt on top of the world the whole night.
  • 5.00

    BY: Von

    DATE: Feb 11, 2016

    Sleeveless A-line Short Satin Prom Dress For Short Girls

    I'll keep it

    OMG! I found the same dress as my sister wore to her prom. How cool is that. I think the color of the dress is even more beautiful than hers. Thank you for keeping the price of the dress low.
  • 5.00

    BY: ewelina

    DATE: Feb 10, 2016

    Refined Short Soft Sequined Strapless Sweetheart Dress With ...

    Loved it!!

    This company really helped me in finding the perfect size for myself. It is always better when the company asks for my custom measurement, I also loved the price. My mother for once did not complained about the price.
  • 5.00

    BY: 777flower

    DATE: Feb 09, 2016

    Endearing Sleeveless Short Body-Fitting A-Line Dress With ...


    Wow! I am now seeing the dress with my own eyes, and I think it is more beautiful than it looks in the picture. I feel amazing wearing the dress. It makes my waist look really small. The price was great and I found it really affordable.

Gold Cocktail Dress

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